Austin Airport Terminals

Austin Airport (AUS) has two Terminals: Barbara Jordan Terminal and South Terminal.

Barbara Jordan Terminal

It has gates 1 to 25.

It handles the following airlines (some of them share the same gates):

- Aeromexico, Allegiant, Air Canada, Condor, Frontier and Volaris use gates 1-3, 23 and 25.

- Delta Air Lines uses gates 4-6.

- Southwest Airlines uses gates 7-12.

- American Airlines uses gates 13-17 and 21.

- United Airlines uses gates 16, 18, 20, 22-24.

- Alaska, British Airways, Texas Sky and Virgin America share the gates from 1 to 3, 21, 23 and 25.

- JetBlue Airways uses the gate 19.


2 of the 25 gates of Barbara Jordan Terminal can handle international flights. There is a direct connection with a covered parking with 3000 parking spaces and car rental facilities.


The terminal is provided with different restaurants and shops and currently is under a refurbishment to expand the Barbara Jordan Terminal. When it will be finished it will have a total of 33 gates, 4 of them will be capable to manage international flights (in addition of domestic flights).


South Terminal

Currently there are renovation plans to renovate the South Terminal and it’s planned to be completed in 2017. The responsible of the refurbishment is LoneStar Airport Holdings, LLC. and it is calculated that the new facilities will have 8 check-in counters, a TSA checkpoint, a hold room or a check-baggage screening, among others.


With LoneStar Airport Holdings, LLC hosting the refurbishment there will be some changes: the low-cost carriers Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Air will be relocated from the Barbara Jordan Terminal and in consequence, their operations are going to be relocated as well.


Passengers may know that the South Terminal is accessible from a different entrance than Barbara Jordan Terminal, from Burleson Road. It is not possible to access in any way from the Barbara Jordan Terminal.